Friday, November 14, 2008

New Instore!!

Jars of Goodness
These beautiful glass jars, made in Italy, are chock-full of random goodness. Vintage lace, buttons, fabric swatches, sweet + fun collectable items, ribbon and old skool stickers + more! Each jar is stuffed with things that you will adore. No junk in here, each jar will have things in it that I personally pick and pack for you, things that I love!
What a fun surprise!
Each of the Jars of Goodness, made of thick glass, 150mls, comes with a metal screw top lid and a sweet bell tied w/ emb. floss.
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Artist Trading Card packs
Pick your Backing Stack (you get 12 in a set) and with it will come a scrap pack (over 30 items) for your cards. Plus, you will get 12 cardstock backs too! Great for collage style cards or use your own supplies! What ever you decide you will get 12 ATC starter cards (3.5" x 2.5") + scrap pack. These packs will vary, but what ever you get it will be worth it! Oh, the joy!

All the cutting + measuring is done for you!! So, which number would you like? Also, packs come with 12 cardstock cards for backing too.

All orders come in a cellophane sleeve + a cute paper bag to store your goodies in.

Bonus: I'll include one of these ATCs that I made for you. These cards are for the first 5 ATC packs ordered only.

(Close up: click photo)
Old Postage Stamps

Each pack includes 25 old + used stamps. Great for tags and collage art. You seriously can never have too many Old Postage Stamps! Packaged in a glassine envelope.


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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

COMING SOON over November

Lots of random stuff! From Jars of Goodness, to Stuff your Envelope to ATC Kits, lots of randomgoodness.