Saturday, January 31, 2009


Welcome! Welcome! It seems like we have been closed forever! Sooo, after this wondrous break, we bring you some treasures! This year we plan on having lots of fun (again)! So lets start with another kit thats got cuteness all over it:)

Randomkit 13 GOODIES: green + pink kits!

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This Goodies Kit includes everything you see in each of the trays:) Shown is green tray and pink tray.

x2 6"x4" Prima journalling cards

x2 Vintage heart buttons on playing card

x2 10" paper trims or paper ribbons

x5 fluro labels

x2 tickets

5"x5" square Japanese Fabric "Cherry Trees"

x3 Vintage Index cards + handmade envie

1 misc button (pictured Candy Stripe)





Fat Quarter sizes are 50x52cm and each FQ comes tied with vintage trim and tagged with a geisha accent!


QUOTE: FQ (then choice)


Vintage trims and pretties! These are look like lil' art works in themselves, but of course they are for using in your projects! Scrapbooking, sewing, craft happenings...anything you so desire:)

All trims are pinned for safe posting and come packaged sweetly!

Romantic Trim Set

1 metre each of pale blue & crisp white lace, 12" length eyelet trim, generous length of pearl trim, millinery flower & gold leaf and beautiful lady ceramic 3D accent all wrapped around yellow index card


QUOTE: Romantic Trim Set



19" length x2.5" width soft white lace, 19" length Vintage pink trim, x3 buttons, white ticket, bunch of flowers, wrapped around Vintage book page and tied with packaging string


QUOTE: Sweet&Soft

Lots to enjoy! Kits + Pieces will be added too regularly, but please remember some stock is very limited, as they are found treasures! Remember you can click on images to get a good close up in detail.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Sneakie Peakies

Just some of the things that will be in Kits! Lots of stuff to adore.

Two of the new fabrics!

Language La-La.....

and Fluro Hearts

We can't wait for our 2009 launch....exciting stuff!