Saturday, August 30, 2008

Welcome Welcome!

Sooo, my sister Bee & I, who love shopping, creating and designing craft happenings have decided to open an online adventure called randomkitsandpieces...which is just that...bits and pieces from here, there & everywhere.

Just like some of you, we don't like to have to buy whole kits and source vintage stores or kitclubs to get the little bitty thingy ma-bobs! Sometimes, one hasn't got alot of money to spend..and sometimes, just sometimes, you just want one or two things! Soooo, we decided to bring out this lil' kit club to let you decide. So here is the first random kit. Featuring ledger paper, bingo card, felt trims, vintage airmail envies, authenic vintage buttons, Hello labels. All for only $4.50. See bottom of post for actual list of items in this unique randomkit1.

These little owlies are just too cute. They came in 9 different colours and have shanks on the back for sewing onto items (I have removed them for this photo to sit flat)...and at .50c each they are a bargin.

Colours are pale blue, pink, violet, deep purple, moss green, bright yellow, pale yellow, sky blue and bright red! Loves.

This Itty Bitty kit1 comprises of kraft paperbag w/ itty hearts, two owlie buttons of your choice, selection of 5 authentic vintage buttons, 8 bright orange felt butterflies, 4 bright yellow felt daises and 6 deep red felt right?! All for $3.

These random kits and pieces are so affordable and fun...but limited to only a handful, so place an order today, via email, so you don't miss out.

randomkit1 comprises of the following:

2x sheets of blue ledger notepaper
2x sheets of green ledger notepaper
2x sheets of yellow ledger notepaper
2x sheets of pink ledger notepaper
8x bright orange felt butterflies
6x deep red felt flower heads
4x bright yellow daises
5x vintage style buttons (mixed)
2x airmail envelopes
1x red bingo card
1x Hello label

edited to add: SORRY, SOLD OUT!