Saturday, September 27, 2008

Itty Bitty Kit3

Lacey $3
ittybittykit3 has:
x3 10" lengths of lace (baby blue, white, baby green)
x5 raffle fushia pink raffle tickets
x1 self-adhesive butterfly
x1 3"x3" yellow tulle square
x2 index cards (pale yellow, pale blue)
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RandomKit9 - Prez
Hi i i i!! I know..the Mono Packs are fab:) There is still some left..we actually started with 4 of each pack and still have several check out the updated side INSTOCK bar.
Well, this kit is just darling! Featuring a sweet journalling card from Fancy Pants Designs and tulle!

Randomkit9 includes:
x4 pale yellow index cards (3"x4")
x1 large paperclip
x1 journalling card - doublesided - {FancyPantsDesigns}
x1 3" length Fozz Felt
x1 green bookring
x1 4"x4" turquoise polkadot cotton square
x1 4"x4" white felt square
x1 4"x4" turquoise tulle square
x2 buttons
x1 heart puff
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Monday, September 22, 2008

Mono Packs

Randomkit8 - Mono
This is a great way to get the colour you, we have made mono packs with a bonus! Personally, this could my fave kit so far! You can choose either red, purple, green, sunset, blue, OR yellow.
Annnnd, for a bonus you also get a chipboard house and some Dymo words! Ready to peel and stick. Plus we'll throw in two acetate squares!! Mega:)

Red SOLD OUT *** Purple SOLD OUT

Green SOLD OUT *** Sunset SOLD OUT


Randomkit8 includes:
x1 5" felt square
x1 metre embroidery floss
x1 gel pen
x4 novelty buttons
x1 4" chipboard house shape
x2 4" acetate squares (not shown)
x3 dymo label words
x2 orange felt butterflies
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{eg: RK8 red}
please note: the felt squares shown are 4"x4". What you will receive is a 5" x5" square. Rad.

Friday, September 19, 2008


A kit before the weekend! Fancy s'more! Lots of stuff to create with this kit...features buttons, felt circles, stickers and embroidery floss and more.

Plus....(love plus' hehe) you get one of these cool Mr.Campy journalling cards from Cosmo Cricket! Rad!

Randomkit7 includes:
x1 Mr.Campy journalling card (Cosmo Cricket)
x1 sheet - 7 apples - hologram stickers (Sandylion)
x1 4"x4" sq. cork sheet
x4 felt circles (x3 one inch + x1 two inches)
x1 book ring
x1 metre purple emb.floss
x1 metre yellow emb.floss
x2 bow buttons
2" ruler twill

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Kits and Pieces

Thought we should share a fun pic. These kits went out today!! We also had to order in a new batch of cellophane bags:) Papergoodness.

And these supa dupa cute gel pens, are available for $1ea with any purchase/s. S C O R E!

6 colours to choose from, orange, purple, pink, green, blue and fluro yellow!
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Randomkit6 - Journal This
Thanks to everyone for their wonderful emails! We adore seeing the kits come together too! This one makes journalling abit easier because the lines are already there. Ready to fill in for your pages or inside (or outside) your cards. Even if you make canvas art you can stick something from here on the back and leave a message! Sweet:)
E N J O Y!!
You get all these goodies.... get 4 separate pages of this papergoodness too.

Randomkit6 includes:
x2 sheets (5"x5.5") journal pages - teal
x2 sheets (5"x5.5") journal pages - pink
x2 Making Memories {note}worthy diecuts -assorted
x4 sheets (2"x2") notebook paper
x2 buttons (as shown)
1 handmade vintage paper flower
1 American Crafts chipboard animal shape
1 length (6") seafoam mini pom-poms trim
1 length (6") orange mini pom-poms trim
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Friday, September 12, 2008

Random Kit 5 and Vintage Button Cards

We're having so much fun putting together lil' kits & pieces for you to enjoy! Thank you for your lovely emails and orders:)
Randomkit5 - Sweets
Please choose either in Yellow/Purple Pieces...

or, Polka/Teal Pieces get these cool pale blue Index Cards w/ kraft handmade envie! Dang!

Randomkit5 includes:

x4 3"x4" pale blue Index Cards

1 kraft handmade envie

1 sheet of Mrs.Grossman's Flowers

x2 1 metre of Lustre Embroidery Thread

x4 Vintage Buttons

x2 5"x5" felt/fabric squares

1 owlie button - not shown (choose a colour, see below)


QUOTE: RK5 - Sweets (yell/purp) OR (polka/teal)

Vintage Button Cards



$2.50 each
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Fun Fabrics

Just some of the fabrics we have instore.
Enquire via email:):)

Monday, September 8, 2008

Itty Bitty Kit2

You need some RETRO WORD paper? Well, if you's some for ya! 3 sheets of fun (try cutting them out and putting them through your Xyron to make stickers), and a length of rainbow belt material and six coloured paperclips! For $3. Mega!!

here's what you get:
x3 6"x6" origami sheets (green, orange, blue)
12" length of rainbow belt material
x6 paperclips
x1 mini wooden peg
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Friday, September 5, 2008


You crafty dolls are lovin' the kits, so I thought I'd add another one before the weekend hustle and bustle:) This one is really quite random and features lots of lil' sweet things. Included is two woodland creature buttons...a coloured owlie (you choose colour) and a moss green squirrel! I love woodland creatures...especially deers, owlies and mushroom faces!
Scroll down to see full list of kit4.

Randomkit4 includes
x1 handmade felt flower (assorted)
x4 buttons (2 woodland creatures, 1 cherry, 1 peppermint)
x3 1" felt circles
x2 c/stock tabs (assorted)
1 sheet Mrs Grossman's of stickers
(either lotsa hearts OR word candy hearts)
x5 Vintage Index cards
1 Kraft handmade envie
Annnnd, something from the GOODIES choose!!
(or we can surprise you with something)
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Price: $ 4.50

Thursday, September 4, 2008


Vintage Zips
lengths range from 5" to 18"

5"x5" felt squares with matching embroidery floss

Owlie buttons now in 9 different colours

5"x5" polka dot cotton fabric squares

rainbow colours

Vintage index cards

(just like what your dental nurse had in her office)

these are just an example of what you can do with them...I've stamped them here...another cool idea is to use them for journalling cards, or what I do all the time and make lil' greeting cards with them:)

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


So here is the supa dupa fun and colourful Randomkit3!
Only $4.50
Limited to 10 kits in stock
Randomkit3 features:
1 sheet of 5 sticker labels
x2 sq. bottom paper/gift bags
x2 mini wooden pegs
x2 1 metre (electric blue & deep red) embroidery floss
x3 stickers
4"x4" teal felt square
4"x4" red felt square
x5 (featured) buttons
x1 art-deco toothpick
(click on the photo for close up)

Sneak Peek

Randomkit3 Colour me happy...revealed later today!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Sweet lil' Vintage Mix

Have a look at this sweet lil' mix!

Pack contains:

1x Vintage Envelope
2x Vintage Children's Illustration Stickers (these will vary)
4x Pink Vintage Buttons

very limited stock

-$ 3 -

free standard post in NZ!

Too cute!

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Vintage Button Cards

These vintage button cards are groovy! Each card "houses" six different vintage buttons.
Only $2.50 a card with free postage in NZ.


Ruby (1/3 in stock)


Monday, September 1, 2008

Vintage lovin'

Randomkit2 you get all this vintage fun stuff for a tinsy $4.50. S C O R E!

Kit features:

2x pages child's book (authentic 1958)
1x game piece from 1960's (assorted)
3x tickets
30cm jute string
tiny wooden peg
6"x6" apple cotton fabric swatch
6"x6" red cotton fabric swatch
7x white vintage buttons (not shown)

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