Thursday, June 9, 2011

making way for new stock..

hi sweeties

to make way for the gorgeous ultra papergoodness stock that is brimming my shelves, i have decided to have a mega sale!!

sale??!! woohoo!!

all kits YES ALL randomkits and pieces kits numbered from One to Twenty Seven are half instead of $4.50 they are only $2.25 each...too sweet!!

and here's a bonus...

for every $10 you can choose ONE other item or kit that is not already at half price...for half price!! yes - i know! extra sweetness.

here's an example ( i love examples - and samples for that matter )

You order $10 worth of can have a pack of paperstraws for half price, so instead of the full price of $5, you can purchase them for $2.50!


all old stock is very limited so please make sure you check out the left side just to check..i will try keep this updated several times a day to make sure you avoid disappointment, but because orders come thru at diff times this can be a bit hard, but i will try my hardest :)

one other thing...THIS IS FOR NEW ZEALAND customers only...

please feel free to leave your questions here and your orders thru to nielladesigns :)

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